Be in an eBook – YES I am talking to YOU!

At some point, just about everyone comes to terms with needing an eBook, needing a lot more free advertising and marketing, and getting noticed. Well, eBookPublishing.us is here to help with that dream and ambition! We have decided on helping YOU, the avid eBook reader, customers, and eBook writers with an eBook or two. Win-win situation here!!

So let’s get this straight. We are writing an eBook and decided to include you. How does this all work?

Our first Group eBook shall be a recipe eBook. So get out your best recipes and be sure to own them before posting them. We can however; list your 4 recipes that you state you own. Ingredients are not copyright protected, BUT the Instructions are. Please keep your submissions clean and family friendly. Any submissions against EP’s site policies or deemed inappropriate will be removed.

Here is how it works…

Let’s CALL our eBook out with a Title. How about eBook Recipes “Heavenly Desserts”

  • Step 1: Respond below with your contribution(s). Limit is 4 recipes per person.
  • Step 2: List your name, your email address and/or website, short bio of 150 words or less, and if you would like 4 recipe pictures to be included per recipe.
  • Step 3: This will take some time, as we need contributors. So tell your friends and neighbors all about this Recipe eBook and have them submit their best four recipes too!
  • Step 4: After finally tally of all the recipes, or the final submission date being July 31st, eBook Publishing.us will start making the eBook.
  • Step 5: eBook Publishing.us will release the eBook here for all of you, so keep checking back! It will be a FREE eBook, without any passwords, that also comes with Master Resell Rights, and Give-away Rights.
  • Step 6: You download the eBook and get sharing or selling!

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us here:  EP @ eBookPublishing .us (without the spaces).

Let’s begin with the submissions…

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